This Is How To Make A Woman Love You

5 secrets to winning her heart forever. Women often tell me that their hearts would melt if they could just find a guy who really cared about a relationship. Sometimes, they say, it appears that men are indifferent — it’s like “deer in the headlights” when we talk to you and you just come off plain selfish. […]

Until He Puts Effort Into These 10 Things, DON’T MARRY HIM

You deserve the best. Never marry a man who can’t or won’t provide these. I waited a very long time to get married. I just got engaged last year and I’m way over 40! That deserves an exclamation point because I suffered through so much heartache, as I’m sure you have too, it sends my thoughts […]

6 Little Things You Do That Are Slowly-But-Surely Turning Him OFF

Don’t let the love of your life become your roommate! It’s very healthy to relax into your marriage — but going comatose is another thing. We often think our relationships will just hum along, but one day — boom — the romance is dead.  On my social media network, I asked thousands of men and women of various ages and […]