Blog Post 2- Welcome to the Interactive Blog

Please share what brought you to this site. What’s on your top of mind when it comes to blogging or various topics.  Click on Why I created this blog if you’re interested in reading my take on this site. Really looking forward to us finding what we need to feel our best as we gain new information and have thought-provoking conversations. 


2 Responses

  1. I think this website is a great idea! Bringing people together to promote happiness will perpetuate happiness. To me happiness is a state of mind that you create by positive thoughts and actions. I feel happy when I can ‘bring something to the table’ for someone else. It can be something material and tangible, a positive comment about their actions, or just being kind.

    • Hi Julie:
      Thank you for the comment. May I share this on the comments section of my homepage? I will only put your first name and last initial?

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