Getting the Best for a Roofing Job in San Antonio

Acts of nature such as electrical and lightning thunderstorms; not to mention, hurricanes and tornadoes can leave costly damage. With the most expensive of that costly damage being roof repair. To do a simple repair or to go all the way and completely replace a roof can be an unnerving and expensive experience. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a checklist of items to ensure that a professional is hired but not just any profesional. One should want the very best in roof repair or replacement. During the time frame immediately after the damage is a crucial time because a lot of “fly by nighters” or one should say unscrupulous roofers come through to take advantage of storm ridden areas. Therefore, follow these tips to prepare a checklist that will help in getting a good roofing contractor or roofing company who will ensure quality work and fair pricing.

First, seek out local referrals. Local referrals can help you get an honest and trustworthy professional. As previously mentioned, in disaster stricken areas that have had damage to houses and buildings, roofers tend to pop up all around. But, some are not honest and will agree to do the roofing repairs, get an advancement of funds, and leave town with doing only minor work or no work at all. To ensure and to have a better chance of an all around honest experience with quality work and pricing, it is best to seek out a local company that is established. These professionals, more than likely, would like to continue to do business in the community and will do the very best in repairs or replacements of roofs. The local roofing companies and local contractors will be more familiar and will have more knowledge of the community codes, regulations and laws in the industry; thereby, ensuring a quality job as set by the local authorities in the community.

Second on that check list should be a desire to have a professional who is factory certified. Getting a professional who is factory certified means that the contractor has passed specific requirements and these requirements means that the contractor has met the standards to be certified. This ensures that the contractor is knowledgeable and has the skills to do the job. 

Next, as mentioned above look for certified professionals; however, to add to that and to be even more specific look for Master Elite contractors. Master Elite contractors are actually an elite group being that only a very small percent are recognized by the General Aniline & Film or GAF which it is commonly referred to. GAF is the organization that focuses on the manufacturing of roofing material applications that are of the highest quality. Therefore, manufacture designations are of the very utmost importance.

Another thing to note here and should be on that checklist of items goes along with GAF and that is the whole issue of safety. A professional should have completed a safety program with passing scores. A good program is the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence or CARE which is sponsored by GAF. Safety is a must.

Also, on that checklist should be time set aside for searching the Better Business Bureau website. As it has been stressed time and time again, many roofing repair contractors come from near and far when disaster strikes to get jobs. By checking the Better Business Bureau, one can have an ease of mind in getting an idea of whom they are dealing with during that unnerving time of disaster in trying to rebuild and repair. Ensuring that the company is listed on the Better Business Bureau website and that the company has a score that is of the highest ranking is crucial to the process of getting the a trustworthy professional. It is also important to note here that Professionals who have GAF Master Elite designations are required to maintain high ratings and high scores with the Better Business Bureau in order to keep their Master Elite status with GAF.

Also, warranties are important for those issues that arise unexpectedly. The warranty should be extensive to include workmanship if a Master Elite Contractor is hired, then the Golden Pledge Warranty is available for offer and it has the best warranty for workmanship and it runs for a long time. 

Last, professional contractors should have all of the necessary licenses, permits and insurance. Most states make these documents required which does not stop uninsured, unlicensed contractors from trying to get jobs, so, ask for copies.