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Keep a Gratitude Journal, or call it what you like. Every day write down three items in your life for which you are grateful. Write as much as you can about each one.- Perform three acts of random kindness before noon and three more before sundown.- Write testimonials of gratitude to three individuals who meant a great deal to you in your life. If they are still alive, hand deliver them in person. If they have passed away, deliver them in person to their next of kin.- Fill out three thank you cards each day.- Buy three books for three friends and send them anonymously to get their attention. Make three apologies for three wrongs you have committed.- Give three days of earnings anonymously to a charity in the name of three individuals who have wronged you.

If you’re in a relationship, focus any of the areas above to your loved one.

This is especially helpful when you’re single- it gets you in the state of mind to attract a relationship- if that’s what you want.

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What Happens When We Assume

It’s Hard To Be Happy When Someone Is Mean To You All The Time  web-ballons

Strategies for Happiness- Tom Valeo- Web MD
1- Don’t Worry, Choose Happy!
2- Cultivate Gratitude
3- Foster Forgiveness
4- Counteract Negative Thoughts and Feelings
5- Remember, Money Can’t Buy Happiness
6- Foster Friendship
7- Engage in Meaningful Activities

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Seven tips for making yourself happier IN THE NEXT HOUR. The Happiness Project- My Experiments in the Practice of Everyday life. Click here for full article.

You can make yourself happier – and this doesn’t have to be a long-term ambition. You can start right now. In the next hour, check off as many of the following items as possible. Each of these accomplishments will lift your mood, as will the mere fact that you’ve tackled and achieved some concrete goals.
1. Boost your energy: stand up and pace while you talk on the phone or, even better, take a brisk ten-minute walk outside. Research shows that when people move faster, their metabolism speeds up… More
2. Reach out to friends: make a lunch date or send an email to a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Having warm, close bonds with other people is one of the keys to happiness, so take the time to stay in touch. More
3. Rid yourself of a nagging task. Crossing an irksome chore off your to-do list will give you a big rush of energy and cheer, and you’ll be surprised that you procrastinated for so long. More
4. Create a calmer environment: clear some physical and mental space around your desk by sorting papers, pitching junk, stowing supplies, sending out quick responses, filing, or even just making your piles neater. —i.e., never postpone any task that can be completed in less than one minute. An uncluttered environment will contribute to a more serene mood. More
5. Lay the groundwork for some future fun: order a book you’ve been wanting to read (not something you think you should read) or plan a weekend excursion to a museum, hiking trail, sporting event, gardening store, movie theater—whatever sounds like fun. Studies show…More
6. Do a good deed: make an email introduction of two people who could help each other, or set up a blind date, or shoot someone a piece of useful information or gratifying praise. Do good, feel good—this really works. More
7. Act happy: put a smile on your face right now, and keep smiling. Research shows that even an artificially induced smile has a positive influence on your emotions…More

Some people worry that wanting to be happier is a selfish goal. To the contrary. Studies show that happier people are more sociable, likeable, healthy, and productive—and they’re more inclined to help other people. So in working to boost your own happiness, you’re benefiting others as well.
Feel happier yet?

10 Things we can do to feel happier and healthier every day- Gretchen Rubin

Wear your seat belt…Take prescriptions medications properly

Go for a ten-minute walk (preferably outside)…Put your keys and wallet away in the same place

Take something with you (for instance, drop your dirty socks in the hamper on your way from your bedroom to the kitchen)…Charge your phone

Connect with someone close to you…Go to bed in time to get a good night’s sleep

Additions from Lori- your website creator:

Pet you animal- dog or cat typically?…Eat some raw fruit and veggies

Meditate for 15 minutes or just sit or lay for 5 minutes if that’s all you can spare…Hug someone- only when appropriate ?

Say or do several nice things for others, especially those you don’t really like

Do anything to get out of your routine, even if it’s taking a different route to work…Make your bed…Kiss every member of your family

Sign the organ donor registry or tell your family you want to be a donor…

Be happy and less lonely- Lori A. Peters

Be Around People.
Call or get together with the people you know.
Get involved in activities to meet people like Meet Up groups.
Challenge yourself to take the initiative in social relationships.
Spend time with your family.                                                                           web-funky sky
Don’t allow yourself to wallow in your loneliness.
Take risks about revealing yourself.
Do everything you would normally do even if you’re alone.
Keep yourself busy.
Meet people on social media- Facebook, Pintrest, linkedin

• Remember that the reason you are self-conscious is because everyone is self-conscious. People are not focusing on your faults — rather, they are more likely focusing on their own.
• Connect with anyone around you, who you assess to be genuine. Following your instincts about people can be important here. Just because someone is around/near you, doesn’t mean they are good company. Sometimes being alone is better than being around bad people.
• Set up social activities when you’re not feeling lonely. Anticipate.
• Read literature and go to museums/theater/dance. Art reaches inside.
• For those with religious beliefs, consider fellowship with those of your faith. Most churches should have some sort of regular fellowship. If your church doesn’t, then consider starting one.
• Remember that reaching out to someone else lonelier than you could give you more happiness than you could imagine.
• Learn to meditate so that you have the experience of being loved and nurtured emotionally by other sources than human beings.
• Consider getting a pet! Animals can make marvelous companions; they give unconditional love and can offer you loyal company. Walking a dog can also be a great way of meeting other people!
• Try not to get stuck into a rut with routines; routines allow you to go on auto-pilot, allowing you to day-dream about “what could be.” Even worse, you’re less likely to act on those day-dreams because you’ll be comfortable with your routines. Shake things up!
• Create a positive mood and atmosphere. Realize that loneliness can be a right time to try out something new, relax or nurture your creativity. After all, some of the most famous personalities spent a lot of time alone.
• “Fake it until you make it.” Just get involved and be proactive, and deal with the issues that come up. In your exploration, you will find the solutions.
• Be choosy. If you don’t pursue people you don’t like just to avoid being alone, people will perceive you as worth spending time with.
• Be complimentary rather than critical. For a casual comment, don’t nitpick other people’s clothes, habits or hair. They don’t need to be reminded they have a small stain on their shirt when they can’t do anything about it. They do need to hear that you think their sweater is cool or you read their article. Don’t make a big deal of it, but just casually mention it when you like something. This is one of the best ice-breakers around and it builds trust steadily over time as people come to understand that you won’t criticize them.
• Learn to be happy with yourself. When you like/love who you are, it shows. People like to be around those who are upbeat and confident.
• Learn to enjoy solitary activities. If you are already having a good time, that attracts people who want to join in and get happy too. It never fails – when you want solitude, people will start coming up to talk to you!

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